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I was tempted to make a new blog for my class, but I figured that I’d just post it here instead. I mean, I’ve GOT this blog, have had it for a while, and should  be okay sharing it with people… and, conversely, nothing I am going to share with my classmates or instructor is anything that I should avoid putting here.

It’s a little more personal than you’re used to, readers, but why not? Tra la la!

So, my first post included this little tidbit:

If you’ve made it this far, I’m sure you’ve already been to my website and read my bio and all that fun jazz, but for a quick rundown: My name is Lacy Jae, I’m a full time student, a Silversmith, an Ovarian Cancer survivor, an only child, a silly young lady, infatuated with Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos… Okay, that’s enough for now.

To offer a little more insight:

I’m in my fourth year at ACAD, though I’ll be here a couple more due to a reduced course load. And because I love school and don’t really want to leave just yet. I love learning, exploring my thoughts and ideas and my entire world. School is such an inspiration, whether it’s the courses I’m taking, the assignments, or just interacting with other students. I forgot how much I loved it.

I had ovarian cancer when I was 22. It was crazy, I was sick for about six months before we finally found the problem, I had surgery, and it was another few months before my actual diagnosis – I had a very rare form of ovarian cancer, and my samples wandered North America trying to find a doctor familiar with it who could decide my chemotherapy treatment. I did eight months of that, and this January 16 is my 5 year end of chemo anniversary. 5 years is very important in the world of cancer, they say of a number of cancers that recurrence is much less likely when you’ve hit 5 years cancer free. Additionally, for me, it’s a big deal because ovarian cancer is really hard on the numbers. Because it’s mostly older ladies 55+ who get it, and the symptoms are so sneaky that they don’t usually find it until late stages, 5 years is often the time limit on an ovarian cancer survivor. I’m young and healthy and have been good so far, so my chances are rather small that I’ll get a recurrence within the next year, but… statistics are hard to ignore, and scary. Five years is MAJOR. Five years is winning, no matter what happens after that. I’ll have beat my time limit.

Ahem. Anyway. As a related aside, ovarian cancer is NOT just for older ladies. I was 22, and wasn’t diagnosed for six months because I was “too young” for cancer. It’s simply  not true. There’s no age where you’re safe from it, no home base where cancer can’t tag you. More and more people, young people, are developing cancer and no one listens until it’s too late. I’m not saying to freak out over every sickness you get, but don’t get really sick and NOT get tested for cancer. Let me tell you, learning you’ve got cancer is way, way better than not knowing what’s wrong with you for six months. It was a relief because finally there was an answer, and a plan. Many cancers have mild symptoms. Don’t be a hypochondriac but… don’t be stupid, either. A test is not a horrible thing, and it’s better to know.

Okay, off my soap box. Sorry. *g* It’s very obviously a topic close to home. It is for a lot of people. I have friends who have cancer, friends who have lost parents to cancer, parents who have to watch their children fight it. No one is untouched by cancer these days, but it still isn’t enough. We need to be aware.

Complete change of topic! I’m a horror fanatic, and have been since I was six years old and watched Poltergeist and Ghoulies. I love horror movies, books, themes. I think my favorite theme lately would be zombies, but back in elementary school I was “the vampire expert” (for kids my age, okay, come on) and I’ve always had a huge number of novels AND reference books. Oh yes, I could tell you the old tales of ways to become a werewolf.

My favourite author is H.P. Lovecraft, hands down. He created this entire mythology through his short stories, from the 20s and 30s, and they’re still fairly popular today. A lot of my work references his writing pretty obviously, but I’m working through how his mythos relates to my own personal mythology, my beliefs and ideas on the world. It’s a slow process, but I’m enjoying it. 🙂

I’m not sure what else to put here. Hopefully this whole blog thing is enough.

I’m going to go back to carving my Elder Signs and searching for more info on carving waxes. Tirrah! 🙂


Finally: Elder Signs Now Available! and other news…

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That’s right! My lovely Elder Signs are now available over on my etsy. They’re actually going to be hand-carved and cast individually, to order, rather than molded. It’s cooler that way. In any case, $45 US is a good price, I think, for a lovely, horrible, eldritch thing.

Protection from Deep Ones, or signs of devotion?

Protection from Deep Ones, or signs of devotion?

I’ve also got Elder Things, aka. Medallion of The Soundless Mouth.. s.. Medallions? Mouths? You bet!

aka. Medallions of the Soundless Mouth

Elder Things / Medallions of the Soundless Mouth

Find them on my etsy here!

There will be more coming soon! Oh, you can bet your patootie on it. I have been working on a number of things, some of which have failed horribly, and some of which have rocked. One of the latter is this:

Jellyfish jellyfish jellyfish!

I Go Nowhere Warm

I’m back in school now, this was my second week. I’m extremely excited for my classes and what I’ll be creating within them. Stoked! What am I taking? Anthropology (which opened with a film on some pretty major piercing, totally up my alley!), Jewellery Research Studio (where I’m making wearable torches, a back piece of spines, and starting a craft collective as my “real world project.” Yes, I am cool. You’ll hear about it!), and Web Media (where I am learning to do cool things like THIS:

First Flash: Unfinished by *lacykitten on deviantART

Yeah. Not bad for my first time opening Flash.)

Should have some more stuff to show soon. 🙂

In which we learn that the artist is, in fact, not dead….

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Hey there! Sorry for the lack of an update, I’ve been kinda lacking in the pretty shiny things department lately.

My trip was amazing. When I have more time, I’ll post some fantastic pictures from the Panorama Amethyst Mine in Thundery Bay.

I got to see family that I haven’t seen in about five years, when I was still in chemo. There are a few pictures in my portfolio, the awesome ones made it in. 🙂

I also got to go to a beautiful wedding, and was the behind-the-scenes photographer for makeup, hair, and the pre-wedding photoshoot. It was so much fun, and I feel so blessed that I was able to be involved in a good portion of such an intimate time. It really touched me.

Now that I’m home, and fighting off sickness here and there, I’m getting back to work! 🙂 I’ve made a couple gemstone bead necklaces, which my wonderful boy has taken to his work along with my business cards! He’s thinking I’ll probably get some business, seems people are interested. 🙂 Awesome!

I’ve got some birthday presents to make, items for the MEOW Foundation fundraiser in September (I think), auction and table sale items for Con-Version in October, and the school Show & Sale. Additionally, I’m making at least one costume for Con-Version, and a Hallowe’en costume as well.

Additionally, I’ve lost BOTH my Elder Signs. I know they’re here somewhere, but I just. can’t. find. them. I’m carving up new ones, and making my molds for production. They WILL be available within the week, unless I kill myself trying. ❤ Thanks so much for your patience on these guys!!

I anticipate very long days. But it’s so nice to be working on stuffs!

Check out the pics I mentioned @ http://lacyjae.com/portfolio/Pages/Photography.html

Missing in June!

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So. Life’s been kinda hectic. I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning and organizing – you thought I was done, didn’t you? Ha. Much better now, though… Almost done! I’ve also been quite sick, the boyfriend took me to Kelowna for a weekend and gave me a horrible, horrible cold. I’m finally over it, but it took me a while.

In other news, I’ve been spending only a little time at my bench recently. The last week or so has been fairly productive, with one project completed, one well on the way, and two failed but soon to be re-attempted. Oh, the life of an artist. 😉

Chasing Ghosts of Time

The above is my completed project. I loves it. I’m going to make a chain for it, with some opal beads as well, but that will have to wait until July. It’s a lovely boulder opal, I think I got it in Australia but I also have some from Colorado so it’s hard to say.

So, anyway! In regard to the Elder Sign pendant I had posted and mentioned selling… well, I’m pretty sure I have gremlins that have their own pocket dimension and they keep stealing my stuff. I FOUND the Star Elder Sign, which was nice, but the Tree one is totally missing. I’ve torn everything apart and haven’t managed to find it yet – the last time I saw it, I wore it to the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo.. ages ago. 😦

The good news is that I’ve got the Star Elder Sign! I’ve also carved another Tree Elder Sign but have not cast it yet. I’m going to cast them both tomorrow and if it turns out nicely, I’ll have a few up for sale before I’m off away on Wednesday.

And, as suggested by the title of this post, “off and away” will be the rest of June! My mom and I are going on a road trip to Ontario, across my lovely country (but possibly dipping down into the States, either there or back). I’m seeing some of my mom’s family, and my dad’s family, and doing some rockhounding (oh yeah, there WILL be pictures!), and go to a friend’s wedding. We’ll be bringing my best friend back home with me, aiming to be home in the first few days of July. I’m very excited! I haven’t been to Ontario for happy reasons for ages!

Another thing: While up in Kelowna, I found in my aunt’s fire pit a funky hole-pocked rock and I took a mold of it. And then I took a mold off that for the opposite. And then a mold off that. And then a mold off that, I think… I haven’t done anything with them yet, but I wanted to see how Sculpey would look and it gives you a really good idea of the effect. That said, I’m thinking of playing with Sculpey further and making things out of it with these textures. I also took a mold of my snake’s shed skin, which you see here too. I love how subtle it is. 🙂 I can’t wait to do some waxes on this and cast pretty shiny things. 🙂

Sculpey and Molds

Sculpey and Molds

Sculpey and Molds

Sculpey and Molds

Sculpey and Molds


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Summer is finally here! Well, summer break in any case. It’s so very nice to be out of school, I’ve been able to stop feeling miserable for missing so much. I still have many things to do for my Jewellery classes but no longer is it a mad rush to try to finish as much as I could before crit. It’s wonderful to be able to relax a little and take it easy. It also gives me a little time to reconsider my projects and think about how to improve them.

And, of course, personal projects and spending time with friends is a good second place summer prize. 🙂

So, as always, there are pretty things to show!

Firstly, this is a journal I made. It’s meant to be an exploration of how cancer has changed my life and to go through and deal with some things I don’t think I’ve properly dealt with. I chose the papers, hand-bound them (my first attempt), stitched the cover in a kind of haphazard way, and the copper on the front is a photo etch of myself, naked and bald while in chemotherapy (though it’s rather obfuscated). It ties with a teal suede, being the color for Ovarian Cancer.


Diary: Introspection and Exploration

I’ve finished a few other pieces as well…

Elder Sign

Elder Sign: Lovecraft

This beauty is one of my very first castings! This is the Lovecraft version.I really like the rough-hewn, carved look of it all, ancient and well-used. 😀 There’s a hole to set a stone, but I’m not really sure if I want to set one now.

I did a Derleth version as well, which you may be more familiar with as the star with the flaming eye inside, but I’ve misplaced that one. 😦


Medallion: WIP

My medallion, of course, which you’ll recognize from my first post. It has been put together but as you can see, the original being in two pieces leaves it a little messed up. I put a patina on it and it’s SO PRETTY now though. I’m going to do a smaller version of this, I think – as it’s about 4cm across, and too big and heavy.

cast silver

Talisman of the Watcher

watcher with eyes

Talisman of the Watcher

Still unfinished is my Talisman of the Watcher. I really, really like how this came out unfinished and partially cast. I’m redoing it so that it will cast fully this time, but in the meantime I’ve patinaed this bad boy and got some lovely colors out of him.

I still have a number of projects in the works, and hopefully now that life has calmed down a little, I’ll get to them! 😉

It’s Been a While…

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Wow! It’s been a busy time lately. Lots to update!

I’m dealing with some ear problems and haven’t been up for school much the past few weeks – very frustrating, but noise is really painful and I’m on some pretty major medications. That being said, I’ve still been working on some awesome stuff!

Faerie Ring

Faerie Ring

My “Myth and Narrative” project. I’m casting it tomorrow, quite nervous as it was a lot of work!

Linkage Project

The Dead Young of a Dying Race

My first prototype for the Repeating Unit Linkage project. The pink waxes were originally cast from real squid tentacles – those I mentioned on my last post. I did an organic burnout and cast them, then rubber molded them and combined three pieces to create the middle piece. The blue waxes are the intended linking pieces, they would link to the side of the whole unit, thus repeating themselves over and over.

The Watcher Wax

Talisman of the Watcher Wax

The Watcher Wax

Talisman of the Watcher

For my “Medallion” project. My first plan was in the previous post, tentacle medallion. I decided to change it up, and came up with this. In an attempt to create my own mythos, I created this little guy – I’ll have some concept art up at some point to share, more detail to show, but as it is, he’s kinda a tentacle-mouthed spider. Ish. 🙂

Niobium Goddess

Niobium Goddess

Niobium Goddess

Niobium Goddess

My first chasing since last year. Niobium chases beautifully! I haven’t decided how to anodize it yet, but I’m quite happy with how she came out! She’ll be riveted onto a back plate.

I’ll try to update again soon. I’ve got some things in progress that I can’t wait to share!

For now, I’ll leave you with some tentacles… Tonight I’m going to try making an algenate mold of some tentacles and see how that comes out.

Organic Burnout

Organic Squid Tentacles

Organic Burnout

Organic Squid Tentacles

Linkage 1 Cast

Dead Young cast

A Successful Weekend…

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It’s Saturday noon and the world is beautiful. I’m lazing in bed, with the sun teasing at my window and the wonderful, warm, spring-smelling breeze telling me to come outside and play. The wind chimes are a nice background to my music. For the first time in two weeks, I want to get out of this house and revel in the start of spring. It’s so nice to be feeling better!

Aside from my absence from school for two weeks, I feel fairly productive. I have a number of drawings done, a number of castings, a cleaned up room, and some little origami boxes I’ve been playing with – they’ll go home with any of my work that’s purchased at Show & Sale next weekend.

If I manage to get anything done for it, that is.

In any case, I have a number of lovely things to share!

Silver Medallion

Medallion, Incomplete.

Wax and Cast Locket

Wax and Cast Locket

Wax and Silver skulls

Wax / Cast Silver Skull

Yesterday, I found some squid/octopus at the T&T Supermarket, an Asian supermarket, and I went about spearing them and investing them. I’m currently waiting for them to burnout in my kiln so I can cast them later today.

Squid on a Stick

Squid on a Stick: Organic Burnout 1

I have a lot of hope for these guys, but the selection in the bag of mixed seafood was lacking. This afternoon, I have plans to go to Chinatown with my good friend Meg, who has kindly offered to help me search out some better tentacles.

Well, I’d better get back to work! I just wanted to share some of the pieces I’m working on.